Over the last twenty years or so, plurilingualism and issues related to linguistic and cultural diversity, as well as translation and interpretation, have become increasingly present in debates, symposia, seminars and conferences as well as in numerous publications.

In this context, the European Observatory for Multilingualism plays a key role as a link between all these voices from different intellectual and geographical horizons that work in favour of linguistic diversity.

As actors of this movement, the Observatory and two of its main partners, ACAREF (African Academy of Francophone Research and Studies) and the POCLANDE network (Population, Cultures, Languages and Development) have undertaken to set up a directory of researchers and research teams on plurilingualism and linguistic and cultural diversity. This database of a maximum of individuals and research teams working on these issues is intended to facilitate exchanges, and to enable joint actions to be set up and to gain national and international visibility beyond European or African borders.

It is also hoped that this will eventually lead to an international mapping of research related to plurilingualism.

We invite you to be part of this network, and to make it known around you.

If you wish to take part in this network, do not hesitate to register on this site which is especially dedicated to it.

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